Leasing Program

Tax-Exempt Municipal Lease Financing

Small and Middle-Ticket Lease Financing is now available exclusively for Mohawk equipment.

  • Tax Exempt Municipal Rates
  • Non-Appropriation Language
  • 0 down required
  • No Financials for purchases under $50,000
  • Flexible payment structures
  • No property tax added to the rate or invoiced
  • National coverage
  • 36-60 month terms

Fill out an application and fax to: (866) 763-9600

Our nationally awarded financing contract with the National Joint Powers Alliance, (#032615-NCL), assures value, situational understanding and procurement regulation adherence when it comes to financing the equipment that your operation requires. For nearly 15 years now NCL has specialized in the government financing marketplace.

For More information or to get started with your application, contact:

Chris Canavati
P (866) 763-7600 • F (320) 763-9600 • C (651) 399-4017

Contract #032615-NCL

National Cooperative Leasing
220 22nd Avenue East, Suite 106
Alexandria, MN 56308

Alternative Funding Solution – National Cooperative Leasing

Benefits of Tax- Exempt Municipal Financing

  1. Maximizing the budget – Municipal financing gives you a new source of funds for present and future needs. Typically increasing your purchasing capabilities three-fold. Lease-purchasing means no down payment and no required compensating or balloon payments at the end of the agreement. Furthermore, incidental costs, such as maintenance and delivery can also be bundled into the financing.
  2. Ownership – Municipal financing is structured so that you’re building equity with every payment of the agreement and at the end of the term you own the equipment free and clear with no additional capital required. (Tax-Exempt Municipal Structure)
  3. Payment control – If a customer has a budget and needs a certain size payment we can use various programs to meet their needs. Plus municipal financing better aligns your payment for the equipment with the actual equipment usage.
  4. Non-Appropriation Language – Mandatory contractual language that protects you the Lessee. Your agency, through necessary non-appropriation of funds in a given year, can cancel the lease-purchase agreement. In essence, a 5 – year lease agreement is treated as (5),  1 – year obligations.
  5. No voter approval required – Because of non-appropriations language and the fact that payments on a municipal lease are made from the agencies operating budget, voter approval is typically not necessary.
  6. Finance 100% of your solution – Lease-purchasing lets you finance the entire cost of your equipment acquisition as well as delivery and maintenance if applicable.
  7. No usage limitations – With municipal lease-purchase financing there are no usage limitations associated with the equipment. Use the equipment as much as necessary without worry.
  8. Reduce total cost of ownership – Industry analysts state that effective financing strategies can reduce total cost of ownership by 10 – 15 percent. Waiting to budget and have the cash to purchase equipment is expensive. Why pay inflated manufacturer prices 24 or 36 months from now when you can affordably finance your needs today.
  9. Lease-purchasing is easy – National Cooperative Leasing can approve your financing in as quickly as a few hours with a simple application or possibly merely a purchase order.

There are many case studies that show lease-purchasing now, saving on high maintenance costs and avoiding manufacturer price increases, is more cost effective than budgeting and buying later.