Mid-America Regional Council Contract

Contract Number: FL03-17

Contract Period: 3/1/2017 - 2/28/2019


“A Government to Government Procurement Service”

marcmapThe Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative (KCRPC) is the Kansas City region’s local government purchasing cooperative. The KCRPC is a partnership of the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), the Mid-America Council of Public Purchasing (MACPP) and local governments.

The KCRPC is a purchasing resource for local governments. MARC operates the KCRPC, and Program Coordinator Rita Parker is responsible for its day-to-day activities. The KCRPC is managed under the auspices of a steering committee, composed of city and county managers and purchasing officials who provide policy guidance, and an advisory committee of public purchasing officials who advise on specific programs and make specific recommendations on bids and contracts.

The KCRPC is a work in progress intended to help local governments obtain better prices and reduce administrative costs. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Rita Parker at 816-474-4240.

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Information for Ordering Activities

  1. A. All Special Item Numbers: 253-20, 253-2, 253-90 B. Lowest Priced Model: MJS-18-1830 $844.07
  2. F.O.B. factory (point of origin).
  3. Production point: Mohawk Lifts: Amsterdam NY Hunter Engineering: Bridgeton MO, Raymond MS, Durant MS, Union MS
  4. Discount: Prices shown herein are net prices (discount deducted).
  5. Additional Quantity Discounts: A. 6+ Units Model A-7,System I,LC-12,LMF-12,TP-16,TP-18, one shipment, one location, 5% discount. B. 3 TP-16’s, one P.O., one destination, one shipment, LMF pricing. C. A-7, System I, LC-12, LMF-12, TP-16, TP-18 purchased in quantities of 12, one destination, one shipment, additional 10% discount. D. No other volume discounts apply to any other models, options, equipment, or installation.
  6. Prompt payment terms: Net 30 days. Discount terms apply from date of invoice. Prompt payment does not apply to credit card purchases
  7. Government commercial credit card acceptable for all purchases.
  8. Time of delivery: A. 3 to 120 days A.R.O. B. Emergency delivery 48 hours to 90 days. (Model Dependent) C. Immediate delivery available. (Model Dependent)
  9. FOB Point: From Production point to destination (48 contiguous states)
  10. Ordering Address: Mohawk Resources, Ltd., P.O. Box 110, Amsterdam, NY 12010.
  11. Payment Address: Mohawk Resources, Ltd., P.O. Box 110, Amsterdam, NY 12010.
  12. Warranty: Government Warranty applies for 1 year commercial warranty applies for remaining warranty period. (Model dependent) See page 6 for warranty details.
  13. Export packing charges extra.
  14. Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance, and repair: Annual inspections available.
  15. Installation available at open-market pricing. (Model Dependent)
  16. Terms and conditions of repair parts: Government discounts apply.
  17. Service and distribution points: Available on request.
  18. Participating dealers: Available on request.
  19. Preventative maintenance: sticker attached to product and operations manual included.
  20. DUNS#: 10-1289916.
Mohawk Lifts Federal Tax ID number: 30-0131596
FSC Class: 4910
Contract Number: FL03-17
Contract Period: 3/1/2017 - 2/28/2019
Contractor: Mohawk Resources LTD.,
PO Box 110
Amsterdam, NY 12010
518-842-1431; 800-833-2006;
FAX 518-842-1289
Business Size: Small
Cage Code: 0C714
EC 1029901D
Duns # (D & B) 10-1289916
SINS # - Special Item Number
253-20 (lifts and related accessories)
  253-2 (wheel service equipment)

Schedule 056 – Industrial Services & Supplies